Corbel Capital Partners is a structured debt and equity fund that with approximately $250 million in assets under management. Corbel makes non-control investments in the form of creatively tailored structured debt or equity securities in profitable, lower middle-market businesses. Capital can be used to facilitate growth, buyout a minority partner, consummate a strategic acquisition, provide existing owners with limited near-term liquidity, or creatively finance and support independent sponsor buyouts. Corbel also offers differentiated strategic and operational support traditionally not offered by non-control investors and allows owners of businesses to retain control equity positions and the potential for later exit events. Corbel is led by an experienced team of investment professionals with successful long-term track records and a history of working together. Its leadership team has collectively led and overseen almost 100 transactions, totaling over $7 billion, during their tenure and have worked together for over a decade with significant experience partnering with lower middle market companies. With the assistance of its operating advisors, Corbel seeks to add value to portfolio companies through operational improvement, strategic, M&A and capital structure direction, and relationships.